Yoga and Flexibility Training

yoga trainingMaintaining good flexibility is important at any age. Using a variety of basic stretching movements you can do at home as well as incorporating resistance bands for variety, you’ll discover an overall improvement to your well-being.

There are many types of yoga all over the world, and I know many of them. I like to focus on effective body toning and strengthening moves, positions people are familiar with and have done in classes. Think you downward facing dog? Wait until you have one on one attention and you will how great that one move can be!

The BIG advantage to my studio, is you are the only student… the only client who I am laying eyes on during your yoga session (unless you want to have a buddy).

So much of yoga is proper form, making what may have seemed like an easy move, or one that didn’t give you the feelings or result to wanted, to one that you will go “wow, THAT is how that is supposed to feel and be done!”. Trust me on this, I’ve seen it over and over.

Yoga can be very effective and done anywhere and anytime. No special clothing is required either. That’s nonsense. Wear what you feel comfortable moving in. The level and type of yoga training we do is that which fits you best, and will meet your yoga and flexibility goals.