Walking Programs For Health

walking for fitnessAn often overlooked option for fitness is walking. It’s great exercise, offers a variety of scenery and is easily incorporated into any level of fitness just by changing your speed or the route you choose (flat walking or “take it to the hills”).

Many people come to me and say “I hate running”, thinking that you have to run to be heart healthy. Nothing is further from the truth. With correct posture,  active core walking can be just as intense (sometimes more so!) then running. Don’t have a treadmill or a gym membership? No problem. If you have a front door, and a pair of comfy shoes, you are good to go. Once you start, you will not let weather or time of day get in your way. Fresh air is something every human should experience for well being, and this is backed up by science. There is no such thing as bad weather for walking… just bad clothing. Fitness is at your fingertips, and this simple-to-learn move.. .walking, can have a huge impact on your brain, your body and your mood.

I’ll help you incorporate this routine into your lifestyle in ways that make it easy to stick to it. Have a dog? Great! They can benefit from walking with you as you both achieve a fitter, healthier lifestyle.