Plyometric Exercises For Power and Strength Training

plyometrics for fitnessPlyometric moves are designed for power and strength in training. They’re a fantastic way to improve bone density and add variety to your fitness program.

Plyometrics, also commonly called “Plyos”, are great for any age and fitness level. You can feel and see the difference in your appearance, strength, and endurance with consistent practice.

Examples of this type of workout include jumping jacks, jumping on blocks, and moves using force and height of the floor. You can do these with just gravity or add pieces of apparatus to make it more interesting. Some as simple and catching a heavy ball being tossed can affect your entire body in many different ways and surprising ways! You do not need to be a seasoned workout person to reap and enjoy the benefits of plyometric exercises.

Any type of jumping and high impact moves should be done with a professional, and being mindful of any previous injuries. With higher impact moves comes higher risk, and safety is right at the top of the list for my clientele. We can slowly work you into some of these moves if you want to try them. They are not necessary for physical fitness by any means…just an option.

To get started properly toward your fitness goals, I will assess your current fitness level and design a variety of exercises, including plyometrics, to help you attain a more fit and healthy YOU.