Boot Camp Fitness Training

boot camp trainingLooking to get in shape quickly? If you’re one of those who prefer a more intense workout routine I offer interval / boot camp fitness training.

If you prefer to work out alone, no problem! If you prefer to have a friend or two workout with you the same time.. no problem! HIIT training, High Intensity Interval Training, also known in my studio as “Boot Camp” can be designed for novice exercisers or most hard core who want their butt kicked so they leave exhausted! Those “bring it” people! There are a few sport specific things we can do to prepare you, if that is your goal.

Most people who do Boot Camp with me like it in small spurts, spread out over their workouts during the week. Perhaps you love jumping rope or jumping jacks or sprints. We can do that! Burpees your thing? I have variations on those I bet you have not done. You would be surprised how many things you can do of high intensity without having to use any equipment. Love equipment? I have it. We can toss weighted balls, balance on BOSUs, lift weights on wobble boards and jump with steps. Everything and anything we do in here is done with proper form and with your safety foremost.

Get just the right level of intensity you prefer, from moderate to intense. Serving Lakeway, Westlake & Austin as well as remote fitness training with Skype or Facetime.