Fit After Fifty

getting and staying fit after fiftyThink you’re too old to start a fitness program? Think again! You’re never too old to live a healthier, more fit life. Your quality of life is important, right? Did you know that as women age we lose calcium in our bones, which makes them weaker and more prone to breaking? Strength training can help. Strength training improves the density of your bones, increases your flexibility and overall balance, and even helps with mental clarity.  If you have arthritis, getting active and mobile helps relieve some of the pain associated with stiff joints. A body in motion, stays in motion.

Don’t think that “strength training” means lifting heavy weights and dumbbells. It can be things as simple as strengthening your core with yoga, working on balance and flexibility at the same time. It can include using a resistance band, where you can gradually increase the resistance as your strength increases. 

Being fit at fifty and beyond is a way to not only improve your quality of life, but to give you a whole new outlook on life! You’ll learn to eat better, learn what exercises work for you, and become a more “centered” person. There’s no reason you can’t stay fit your entire life! Contact me and we can discuss goals to get you there.

Fit Over Fifty Client:

“I started going to Margo less than a month ago and am already seeing results. I have lost a few pounds and I am feeling stronger and healthier. I am an over 50 lady who was starting to put on pounds and getting weaker. I tried various gyms but never got the instruction or what exactly I needed for my body type. I would wander around aimlessly trying different machines and weights. I would see no results so eventually I would quit going. On my first visit with Margo she assessed me and came up with a plan just for me. She works on the total person including diet and exercise. She has taught me so much already about healthier choices in my life. Margo has a happy positive attitude and I can tell she enjoys helping people live healthier lives. Thank you Margo!”
– Robin 53