Stress Relief Friday


Okay, here is my de-stress tip for the day. Laugh. Did you chuckle when you opened this post? I bet for that moment you smiled inside or laughed out loud, you felt better. Pretty gutsy of me to put this pik out there, but it’s worth the risk if it worked. (I was in novelty shop with a good friend.) Laughter benefits are no joke. A good sense of humor adds years to your life and life to your years.  Among the benefits of laughter right near the top, is stress relief. 

Laughter increases the endorphins (the feel good stuff) in your brain. Humor improves your immune system, can ease pain, and stimulate muscles and organs in a good way. Being a recipient of a smile (or giving one) reaps benefits, too.

Laugh and smile, even if for just a moment, to relieve stress.

Happy and Healthy Friday,



De-Stress Friday


I decided a while back to post something about stress (de-stressing) every Friday. Today, take time for YOU. Many of you (you know who you are) put yourselves at the bottom of the needs-to-take-care-of list, if you even make it onto the list.  As few as five minutes will do the trick. Take an extra long bathroom break; you’re alone (I presume) so just hang, and be. If arriving at destination via car, stay in the car, with soft tunes, or with just the silence, before jetting into the office, the store or your house. Just stop. Five minutes is what I am asking you all to take today. It will seem like 30 or more if you never do this. The benefits are many; the feeling afterward is so worth it. Quiet, lazy, calm-the-cerebral-chatter-and-relax time, just for you. Please give it a shot. Five minutes. 

Happy and Healthy Friday to you all,



Stress Relief by Stretching

An easy and quick way to feel instant relief from stress is to simply stretch.


If you have a dog or cat, you see them do this all day long, and how stressed do they seem, huh? It works! Since many, if not most of you are sitting at your computer reading this,  just do it right where you are; you don’t even have to stand up!  I just did, see?  Splurge and stand up, and include your whole body.  Takes mere seconds and nets a big result. 



Stress Relief in Seconds – Deep Breathing


I’m deep breathing as I send this.



Breathe life in. Breathe stress out. Increase energy, improve circulation, send better oxygen to your cells and brain, change your mood, and reduce stress, all by taking a few long, slow deep breaths. Before this became habit for me, I found remembering and doing that first breath the most difficult.  Now I realize, and you will too, it’s mere seconds, and you’ll want that second, and perhaps a third deep breath. You will feel more relaxed, and less stressed immediately after you do this. I promise you. Instant gratification!  

Be still, close your eyes (unless driving) ;-)
  • Take a long slow breath in..and hold it momentarily
  • Purse your lips, making a tiny hole, so it takes you a few seconds to exhale fully
  • Repeat. It works.
You can do this anywhere, anytime, as often as you’d like. 
Happy less stressful Friday, and Happy Spring,