No Carb Spaghetti using Shirataki noodles

Tofu noodles pick up the flavor of anything you mix with them. My personal opinion; Spaghetti cut Shirataki have the best texture, closest to the real deal. How low carb it ends up depends entirely on what you add. Here I use chive flavored cream cheese and tossed in leftover salmon.
I nuke the noodles for two minutes, then mix other ingredients and nuke again for a minute. You can find these noodles (also in angel hair) at HEB, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc. They last in fridge forever.

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KETO Fat Bomb

Fat is an important nutrient in any weight maintenance program, and in life. Here is a no bake way to enjoy dessert and fat at the same time! Measure to your liking; its not necessary to be exact and there are so many options you can think of.
I used powdered peanut butter; cocoa flavor (PB2) Mixed into regular cream cheese, a touch of Swerve or Stevia, and rolled in crushed macadamia nuts!