Wednesday Workout Full Body

Workout your whole body standing in place with a set of any size weights for your level.

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Eating at Home during Covid19

Many of you use to eat out a lot. Dinner at home can be simple, once you learn some tricks. To save on produce waste, do not buy huge bulk, if fresh veggies are new to you. Instead, get the single serving..fresh made salads, that even come with toppings and dressing.
This is that salad, spinach, with nuts and I tossed on shredded chicken. Note, even the chicken was purchased already cooked, boned and shredded (HEB) and you toss cold or heat it up, onto the salad. Voila. Easy and healthy.


KETO Fat Bomb

Fat is an important nutrient in any weight maintenance program, and in life. Here is a no bake way to enjoy dessert and fat at the same time! Measure to your liking; its not necessary to be exact and there are so many options you can think of.
I used powdered peanut butter; cocoa flavor (PB2) Mixed into regular cream cheese, a touch of Swerve or Stevia, and rolled in crushed macadamia nuts!