Welcome to my Virtual Fitness and Nutrition Studio

A site created to educate and share information on Fitness and Nutrition as part of a Healthy Lifestyle. I hope to demonstrate my nutrition and personal fitness training expertise in Austin.

Don’t live in Austin, or travel a lot? I’ve got you covered! You can still train with me remotely from anywhere using Skype and FaceTime. All you need is a webcam or an ipad or smart phone.


Ready to cook Pizza Crust – CauliPower

I found this brand at our local store, HEB, perhaps you can find. Whole foods has a different one, as does Trader Joes. Thus far – this is my fav. Closest to actual pizza crust.

I use pesto as the sauce, and add whatever is in fridge. In this case: Pesto base, chopped tomato, hamburger patty, and a couple different cheeses.

I always, even though none of these say to do so, I ALWAYS Pre-Bake the crust to ensure crispy.